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Lawyers with Moriarty & Associates, P.L.L.C., understand the difficult financial, emotional and family problems facing individuals with legal issues. Criminal charges carry serious consequences that can affect you throughout your life. Likewise, family law situations like divorce and child custody can create stressful family dynamics both financially and emotionally.

Our Lynnwood, Washington, attorneys know how injuries caused by other people’s negligence, such as car and truck accidents, can cause serious physical and financial hardships. Contact our Snohomish County firm for a consultation. We are committed to protecting your legal rights at every level of the system through effective negotiation, litigation and trial representation to maximize your recovery.

Lynnwood Attorneys Protecting Your Rights

At Moriarty & Associates, we possess in-depth knowledge of Washington criminal defense laws and codes. We represent individuals charged with felonies and misdemeanors filed in superior, district, municipal and juvenile courts. Let a former prosecutor assess your DUI, criminal, or other charges, and clearly explain how the law affects your situation.

We examine every potential legal issue to help avoid conviction and lessen potential consequences. Our Washington criminal defense lawyers have extensive experience challenging the state’s evidence in DUI and drug cases and providing defense strategies that help protect your rights.

Experienced Trial Attorneys

Our attorneys are experienced litigators. We will evaluate your goals to determine appropriate legal action, whether it be personal injury, criminal or family law-related. When negotiations are not productive, or settlement is not in your best interest, we will zealously represent your case at trial.

Whether you are seeking a divorce or compensation for injuries, or have criminal charges filed against you, our lawyers can provide effective strategies tailored to your unique situation.

Free Initial Consultations at Our Washington Law Office

At our Snohomish County litigation law firm, we are available to discuss your complex legal issues. You may also contact our law firm through our online contact form